Tomas S. Butkus | Poems: "Loving Organism" (2000)

Loving Organism


waking up, calling out to you from sleep, as I impregnate the bare landscape, the old garages and stars, with a dream;
like i’d lived on you ‘til today, otherwhere, with the other back I had touched you and the other shadow I had dropped on the sand;
feeling like it fills the overhollow under the fire, under sparking heat from the pie mould – nevermind;
so I must retreat from the cold glazed tiles, further, to the belly of the hearth, to cover myself with limbs from the garden, to smudge my breast and face with the ashes of the fish;
to unleashed into the bones of the chimney;
towards the smoke


Translated by Erica C. Fiedler and the Author

© Vario burnos 1992-2011